Welcome to Aroona Solutions

Aroona Solutions provides integrated service options to a range of industries throughout the Asia Pacific region.

About Our Company

Aroona Solutions’ objective is to deliver our clients compliant and quality solutions at the lowest possible cost. The key to our success is our company promise to only enter markets we have the ability to influence and provide new ideas and service options which meet our client’s needs.

Aroona Solutions was recently established in one of Asia’s most important oil and gas centers, Labuan, Malaysia. Aroona Solutions was formed in response to a demand in Malaysia for companies with expertise in offshore asset preservation and reactivation, combined with the need for maintaining compliance and quality at the lowest cost.

Following our achievements within the oil and gas industry, Aroona Solutions has expanded to become a trusted service provider and our brand and reputation continue to grow rapidly. This accelerated growth is being managed carefully and we are fortunate to be in a strong position with branches opening in China, Vietnam, India, Singapore and Australia.

At Aroona Solutions we have successfully built a strong internal engineering and supply chain foundation supported by a large network of OEM and experienced service technicians. Our team is focused on providing our clients with the highest level of service available in the market and is responsive to not only the needs of our clients but to the environment in which they operate. The management team at Aroona Solutions brings together a diverse group of people from a wide range of disciplines including commerce, large scale logistics and engineering (mechanical, civil, aeronautical and petroleum). Managing Director of Aroona Solutions is currently Matthew Trovato who has an extensive background in logistics and engineering solutions within Government, military, and private sectors.

Aroona Solutions is a privately-owned company and as such we are not limited by shareholder demand for profit. Our guiding principle is to support our clients and their business needs no matter the circumstance, earning trust through hard work and loyalty. At Aroona Solutions, we are very aware of the current pressures faced by our clients, in particular those within the oil and gas industry. This awareness is what keeps us at the forefront of innovation and has allowed us to very quickly grow into one of the leading service providers in our region.


Address: Unit Level 14(B) Main Office Tower
Financial Park Labuan Complex
Jalan Merdeka, Labuan
87000, Malaysia

Phone: +6012 824 3363